A Guide to Cleaning Your Room

For most students during the first year of living out of home means a bit of freedom! Not having a parent constantly reminding you to keep your area clean can result in your space getting a tad bit messy. As part of your lease living at UniResort, we conduct monthly room inspections to ensure a standard level of cleanliness is kept. UniResort staff will issue an Entry Notice no less than 48 hours prior to the inspection. This notice is left on the notice board or kitchen table in your apartment.

We have compiled a few handy tips to ensure that you keep on top of keeping your room clean.

First thing – put some music on! Remember though you are in shared accommodation, so not too loud.

2. Go and get a rubbish bag and collect all rubbish from your bedroom/bathroom and place in the bags. Then take the rubbish down to the bins provided.

3. Put away all clothes, shoes and jewelry. Tidy books on the shelves.

4. Once a week you should change your sheets with clean sheets and doona covers. Put the dirty ones in the washing machine and dry so that they are ready to be used rather than laying around dirty on the floor.

5. Clean your shower and toilet at least once a week using cleaning products.

6. Sweep and Mop all floors. Dust and wipe over all bench surfaces.

By doing this once a week you can ensure that you are ready for your monthly room inspections. Failing inspections will result in a Notice to Remedy being issued. These notices go on your rental record and could prevent you from getting future rental properties.

Happy Cleaning!

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