Renting at UniResort

Renting at UniResort is just like renting anywhere else. Here at UniResort we use the Residential Tenancy Authority Rooming Accommodation Agreement.

Like any other rental, you will need to submit an Application to live at UniResort. This Application is then processed and if you are accepted to live here, you will be notified via email with a Letter of Offer and a Rooming Accommodation Lease Agreement. You need to sign this agreement and send it back to UniResort, along with paying a deposit equivelnt to two weeks rent to secure the room. Please ensure that you read over the Lease Agreement carefully before signing it. The Rooming Accommodation Lease Agreement is a binding contract. Once you have signed it, you need to follow what is outlined in the lease. Everything is outlined in the R.A.L.A. There are no hidden extras, as long as you read this agreement, you will know what is required of you during your lease. If you have any questions about the lease, contact UniResort Office staff before signing the agreement.

On your Lease Start date you are able to move in from 2pm onward. In order to get the details of your room you will need to sign some paperwork and pay a BOND equivalent to four weeks rent. The bond is to be in the form of a bank cheque or Money order made out to the Residential Tenancies Authority. All rental bonds in QLD are sent to the Residential Tenancy Authority to hold for the duration of your lease. At the end of your lease, once you have checked out and as long as there are no damages and everything is paid, the bond will be refunded to you. The Residential Tenancies Authority will only transfer the funds to an Australian Bank Account. When its time to depart, see the Office for a Refund form.

All of UniResort Rooming Accommodation Agreement Leases are Fixed Term Agreements. This means that for the duration of your lease you will pay the same amount from the lease start date to the lease end date. It also means that you agree to pay this amount until the end date, even if you break your lease. Rent is to be paid in advance at all times. If your rent is in arrears, you will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach. Failing to Remedy the Breach will result in a Notice to Leave being issued. Having these notices on your rental history could result in you finding it hard to rent future properties.

As part of living at UniResort, you sign and agree to abide by the House Rules. Please ensure that you are familiar with all of the rules. If you have any questions, check with the Office staff prior to signing the Lease.

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