Terms and Conditions

House Rules

What you need to know about Uniresort and your responsibilities as our tenant.

UniResort is a great place to live, study and have fun. We are committed to ensuring you and your fellow residents have a safe and enjoyable time during your stay at UniResort and have created this House Rules information as a guide.

Share accommodation is all about respect for each other and property – so to have the best time at UniResort be aware and mindful of these House Rules.

If you have any questions, please pop into reception anytime to chat with our staff.

1.0 Cleaning

1.1 Your Responsibility

As part of your lease with UniResort, your rental agreement includes the modern furniture and great shared facilities. We need your help to make sure these items remain in working order, so we ask you to look after them while you are living at UniResort. You also need to make sure your room and common area (in conjunction with roommates) is kept in a clean state, your roommates will appreciate the effort and so will any of your friends that come to visit. We hope that you take pride in the great facilities at UniResort – just like we do.

Please be aware, Management will be inspecting your common areas weekly. This is to keep things happy and harmonious in your apartment. If your common area (including the balcony) is found to be untidy, messy or unhygienic we will issue you with a breach and give you the opportunity to fix the issue. If the apartment isn’t cleaned within the allowed time frame we will organise professional cleaners, the cost of which will be shared among you and your roommates. If you have any queries or issues at the time of the breach, please talk to us as soon as possible. If you would prefer to book this service, please organise through reception.

As part of your Accommodation Agreement with UniResort the Common Area of your Apartment will be cleaned fortnightly. If the cleaning takes longer than the allotted time you and your housemates will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

Here at UniResort we conduct room inspections once every 4 weeks so it is important to check your mail box for entry notices. You will have time to remedy your breach but please note that all breaches will go on your tenancy record.

2.0 Shared Accommodation

Living out of home for the first time is an exciting experience and UniResort has been created to make this big step as easy as possible. But with this freedom comes more responsibility. We often take for granted many aspects of living at home, but when living with others, it is important to understand that different individuals have different opinions.
Try and work together with your new friends and roommates to create a welcoming and friendly home environment. Clean up after yourself, share the TV remote, monitor music levels when other residents are around and be mindful of other people’s food and belongings.
Sometimes, differences of opinion do happen and it’s best to chat about your feelings instead of getting angry. If a person’s actions have hurt you, they probably didn’t realise their actions were having an effect on others.
A friendly chat with a friend or peer is a much easier and mature way to resolve an issue then being angry or mad.

2.1 Food

Please be respectful of other people’s food. Set the rules of your apartment early on in your stay to avoid confusion. If something particular is of value to you, we advise you label it to avoid a difficult situation. Being a student everyone is generally on a tight budget, so if you didn’t pay, please keep away. The stealing of food will not be tolerated and anyone breaking this rule will be given a notice to leave.

2.2 Dispute Resolution

It is quite usual for people to have differing opinions and values of life. Rather than take situations like these personally, it is best to be understanding of the position the other person is coming from.
If you find yourself in a dispute with your roommates or another tenant at UniResort please follow the following guidelines:
Try and discuss the situation calmly and maturely.
Give each person the opportunity to explain their perspective on the matter
Try and work constructively to find a compromise that both parties can adhere to
If no resolution, please chat with UniResort staff and we will endeavour to work as a mediator to solve the issue satisfactorily for the parties involved.
Most disagreements can be resolved with this approach but if there are problems that can not be solved you may wish to consider a room move.

2.3 Pets

Pets are a very big responsibility and are not to be taken lightly. UniResort does not permit our residents from having any type of pet while staying with us for the safety and comfort of yourself, your roommates and any animal you might want. This environment is suitable only for people, not animals.

2.4 Children

We value the importance of keeping young children safe and because UniResort is a shared apartment facility with majority of young adults living here, it is not suitable for children. Hence we do not allow any person under 18 years of age to stay at UniResort.

2.5 Smoking

Smoking is allowed only outside and not in shared areas. Please ensure if you are smoking on your balcony you are not disturbing any of your roommates.

2.6 Open Fire

There are to be no open flames anywhere on the UniResort premise, this includes in your apartment, balcony, common area. E.g. BBQ’s

2.7 Contact Details

If you change your email address or phone number please let Reception know ASAP. UniResort will communicate a lot via your letterbox so be sure to inspect this regularly.
It will also be in your best interest to add yourself to the UniResort accommodation Facebook page so you can keep up to date with upcoming events and news going on at UniResort.

3.0 Parties

UniResort is such a fun place to live; our residents invite guests over to enjoy our facilities quite regularly.
To ensure the safety of our residents and to protect our facilities from damage, we ask that:

  • No more than 3 non UR guests per apartment at any time.
  • Noise must be turned off at 10pm.
  • No parties are to be advertised on Facebook or any other social networking site.

4.0 Noise Levels

As the majority of our residents are students and their semester dates are all different according to different institutions, we ask that you be respectful of your neighbours at all times.
Just as you appreciate quiet during your stressful study times, please be mindful of your roommates and other residents. As above, please keep noise down after 10pm as it is your fellow residents that you are disturbing.

5.0 Extra Services

UniResort offers a range of additional services available at a set rate for you. These include:

  • Professional cleaning.
  • Linen Packs.
  • Cutlery Packs.
  • Printing and Scanning facilities.
  • Day Trips & Excursions.

6.0 Fire Alarms

Fires and smoke can start very easily when cooking. The UniResort fire alarm system is directly linked with the local fire department, so in the case of an emergency they get here very quickly. When cooking, make sure you stay in the kitchen at all times. Food will smoke and catch fire if left unattended and the call out fee of $1000 for the Fire & Rescue service will be payable by you.

7.0 Rent & Bond

Please check the details of your lease carefully before signing as it is a binding contract. If you are new to leases, please feel free to talk it over with a friend or family member or other person trusted by you. We are happy to discuss any issues you might have and explain in more detail.
Rent can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Most tenants pay using Direct Debit. If you fall behind in your Rent you will be given a remedy to breach.
Bond is to be paid on checking in. If during your stay your rent increases, so must your bond. At the end of your Lease you will need to fill out a Rooming Accommodation Rental Bond Refund form with your bank details. The Residential Tenancy Authority will then transfer the remaining bond balance into your bank account within 2 weeks.
Six weeks before your lease ends you will be contacted by UniResort with the option to extend your lease.
If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are moving on so please vacate your accommodation at 10am the day your lease expires.

8.0 Common Areas

8.1 Pool, Sauna & Gym

There is to be STRICTLY NO GLASS OR ALCOHOL to be taken in the Pool and BBQ area at anytime.
The pool, spa, sauna and gym hours are 7am – 10pm. We ask you to respect these for the comfort of other tenants.
Follow the sauna instructions carefully. Do not place wood or other items in the hot rocks as this will cause an unpleasant smell.
Free weights are available for use in the gym. You can borrow these from Reception.
Please ensure to return any equipment you use to its original location after use.

8.2 Basketball  & Tennis Court

Please clean the BBQ area after each use. There are bins provided for ease of cleaning. If you would like to use the tennis court for other sports please ask at Reception for maintenance to take the net down.

8.3 Car Parking

Car parking is available for $10 a week. Please register your vehicle with the UR Management and ensure you display a valid UR car parking permit at all times when parked at UniResort. Cars without valid permits may be towed away at the cost of the owner of the vehicle.

The visitor car parking is allowed for a maximum of four hours for genuine UniResort visitors only.

Please speak to management if you have friends that wish to stay longer than the allowed four hours to arrange for temporary parking permits. Each resident is permitted one temporary parking permit at any one time.

8.4 Gate Swipe Cards

UniResort has Swipe cards for both the Pedestrian Gate and Car Gate. It is your responsibility to hand the swipe card back at the end of you stay at UniResort. If you do not hand it back, it is damaged or you lose the card during your stay you will be charged $25 for a new swipe card.

8.5 Internet, Digital TV & Phone

Once you have paid the initial Internet Connection Fee, UniResort will provide the first 2GB of internet free. After this, you can top up your account. Please enquire with Management for pricing.
There is a phone set up in each bedroom and your own personal line so you can monitor your own calls.

9.0 Green Initiatives

UniResort promotes green living amongst its residents and believes it is the small steps taken by everyone that will help our environment into the future. We have developed this list of things you can do every day to help reduce your carbon footprint.
Please ensure you recycle and regularly turn off electrical appliances at the wall.
Only put your dishwasher through when it is full
Turn the lights off in your bedroom when you are not in there.
Keep your air conditioner temperature set at between 22-24 degrees or turn it off when not required.
Please note air conditioners use large amounts of energy. In an effort to conserve energy and encourage our residents to reduce their carbon footprint, there is a fee charged for excess electricity usage. Any apartments using over an allocated amount of energy will be required to pay the excess, split between the people in your apartment.

10.0 Security

We have onsite security that regularly patrols the complex. If you have a problem at any time please call 3457 5588 or come to the office or security room adjoining the office.
If asked to do something from security, please abide by these instructions otherwise you may receive a breach notice. They do have the right to remove people from the UniResort premise.
Please note you are responsible for your guests and they must also obey with the instructions given.
UniResort also has extensive CCTV cameras throughout the complex. These cover all the common areas and car park and work to keep our incidences very low.

11.0 Staff

UniResort management are here to assist with your everyday issues and make sure you have a great experience at UniResort. If you require anything please approach one of our friendly staff. If you require something to be fixed or cleaned, please come to or call reception and they will assist you with your requirement.

12.0 Weapons & Drugs

Weapons, Drugs and all illegal activity and goods are strictly prohibited on the UniResort grounds. If you are found to have brought these items into the complex your lease will be terminated. You will find in your Welcome Pack information about Weapons banned from UniResort. Please read through this information thoroughly.

13.0 Damage to the Property

If you cause any damage to any property in your room or anywhere else on the property you will need to pay for the cost of repairs. It is best to advise management immediately to avoid any further damage and greater expense. It is unwise not to report damage, given the extensive CCTV coverage, and unreported damage is considered a breach.

Thank You

We hope that you enjoy your time at UniResort. These House Rules ensure that every resident at UniResort has a fun, safe and memorable experience and we thank you in advance for working with us to create this great accommodation complex.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With thanks,

UniResort Management and Staff

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