Terms and Conditions

House Rules

What you need to know about Uniresort and your responsibilities as our tenant.

UniResort is a great place to live, study and have fun. We are committed to ensuring you and your fellow residents have a safe and enjoyable time during your stay at UniResort and have created this House Rules information as a guide.

Share accommodation is all about respect for each other and property – so to have the best time at UniResort be aware and mindful of these House Rules.

If you have any questions, please pop into reception anytime to chat with our staff.

House Rules

  • A: A breach of any of the Special Terms or House Rules will result in the Resident being issued with a Form R11 Rental Breach allowing you 5
    days to remedy this breach.
  • B: If you do not remedy this Form R11 Rental Breach you will be issued with a Form R12 Notice To Leave allowing you two (2) days to vacate the premises.
  • C: A Serious Breach of any of the Special Terms or House Rules with result in the Resident being asked to Leave IMMEDIATELY via Form R12
    Notice to Leave


1.0 Living in Shared Accommodation

Living out of home for the first time is an exciting experience and UniResort has been created to make this big step as easy as possible. But
with this freedom comes more responsibility. We often take for granted many aspects of living at home, but when living with others, it is
important to understand that different individuals have different opinions. Try and work together with your new friends and roommates to
create a welcoming and friendly home environment. Clean up after yourself, share the TV remote, monitor music levels when other
residents are around and be mindful of other people’s food and belongings. Sometimes, differences of opinion do happen and it’s best to
chat about your feelings instead of getting angry. If a person’s actions have hurt you, they probably didn’t realise their actions were having
an effect on others. A friendly chat with a friend or peer is a much easier and mature way to resolve an issue then being angry or mad.



UniResort is a friendly environment and we wish for all tenants to be comfortable living here. If anyone is seen to be showing inappropriate
and indecent behaviour they will be asked to leave immediately. Please show respect for the other tenants that live at UniResort and
UniResort Staff at all times.

Harassment of any kind is unacceptable behaviour. Harassment is deemed to have occurred if an individual makes an unwelcome advance
or an unwelcome comment to another person and the other person has made it clear that the conduct is unwelcome. Harrassment can be
between two tenants, or UniResort staff and a Tenant. Such conduct can be physical, verbal or written. Residents must not interfere with
the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other residents. If you feel that you have been the subject of harassment, we recommend
you contact management and lodge a complaint.

  • 2.1: Storage and drinking of alcohol is not permitted at any time on the Rental Premises (building plus the land occupied by the
  • 2.2: Smoking is not permitted within 5 metres of the Rental Premises (building). If the UniResort Staff believes the Resident has
    smoked in their room you will be requested to steam clean curtains, furniture etc. THIS IS CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH.
  • 2.3: There are to be no parties held on the Rental Premises at any time.
  • 2.4: At all times Residents must maintain a reasonable standard of dress in consideration of other Residents.
  • 2.5: Theft and illegal substances will not be tolerated and offenders will be reported to the police.
  • 2.6: Drunk/Disorderly behaviour is unacceptable. Violence or aggression towards other residents will not be tolerated. THIS IS
    CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH. Disputes must be reported to UniResort Staff, who will attempt resolutions between all
    Residents involved before passing it on to the relevant authorities.
  • 2.7: Any suggestion of racial, religious or sexual denigration or harassment ARE CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH. All Residents
    residing in the Rental Premises are to be treated with respect and consideration at all times.
  • 2.8: Residents are not permitted to place notes for public display. Any issues which need to be resolved are to be dealt with in a
    civil adult manner by speaking with your housemates. As a last resort UniResort Staff are to be contacted to resolve any issues
    which are a result of house rules breaches.
  • 2.9: Personal items such as suitcases, shoes, boxes, etc. are not to be left in the common areas. UniResort Management take no
    responsibility for loss of items. Cleaners are instructed to remove and throw away these items.
  • 2.10: Residents must keep their Audio Devices at an acceptable noise level as not to disturb other Residents/create noise pollution.
  • 2.11: Residents must not carry out any form of business from their apartment/rooms. THIS IS CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH

3.0 Cleaning and Maintaining Rooms

As part of your lease with UniResort, your rental agreement includes the modern furniture and great shared facilities. Treat the furniture at
UniResort like it is your own. Do not damage or break the furniture and appliances. If something does happen, report to Reception and
Management straight away.

Please be aware, Management will be inspecting your common areas sporadically. This is to keep things happy and harmonious in your
apartment. If your common area (including the balcony) is found to be untidy, messy or unhygienic we will issue you with a breach and give
you the opportunity to fix the issue. If the apartment isn’t cleaned within the allowed time frame we will organise professional cleaners,
the cost of which will be shared among you and your roommates. If you have any queries or issues at the time of the breach, please talk to
us as soon as possible. If you would prefer to book this service, please organise through reception. As part of your Accommodation
Agreement with UniResort the Common Area of your Apartment will be cleaned fortnightly. If the cleaning takes longer than the allotted
time you and your housemates will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

Residents must maintain their rooms –

  • 3.1: In a way that does not interfere with the reasonable comfort of other Residents
  • 3.2: In a condition that does not give rise to a fire or health hazard.
  • 3.3: Residents are not permitted to cook in their rooms, except the Studio Room which has a microwave and toaster provided &
    must not leave uncleaned crockery, cutlery or rubbish in their rooms. All used crockery/cutlery must be cleaned & put away
    immediately & any rubbish must be removed & placed in the bins provided.
  • 3.4: Damage or destruction of any part of the room or a facility in the room, breaking windows & any other act which may damage
    deface, or break any part of the Rental Premises or its contents, furnishings and appliances, which occurs as a result of a resident’s
    wilful, negligent or reckless conduct ARE CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH.
  • 3.5: Residents are not permitted to affix any items to the walls which includes, blu tak, sticky tape, picture hooks or similar. This
    includes marking, painting, driving nails/screws into walls. If paintwork is damaged Residents will be charged to repair it.
  • 3.6: Residents are responsible for the cost of the replacement of any light globes in their rental premises (i.e. room/flatette). For
    safety reasons, the resident is not permitted to change light globes, this can be organised by contacting UniResort Reception. If
    the light fitting is faulty (i.e. not light globe replacement) and requires repair/replacement, this will be at the cost of the owner. If
    it can be established that the damage was caused either accidentally or wilfully by the resident/guest then the resident will be
    financially responsible.


All Residents must leave all common areas neat, clean and tidy after using them.

  • 4.1: All kitchen appliances and benches are to be cleaned after use. Cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery must be washed, dried
    and placed inside cupboards.
  • 4.2: Common areas in the Rental Premises include the lounge, kitchen, dining room hallway & decks.
  • 4.3: Failure to maintain clean & tidy common areas may result in professional cleaners being engaged at a cost divided by all
  • 4.4: Residents of the premises are responsible jointly and severally for any damage which occurs in the common areas of the
    Rental Premises. All Residents are responsible for the costs associated with any repairs to damage in the common areas of the
    Rental Premises or until the Resident responsible for the damage is identified.
  • 4.5: Please do not hang clothing from the balconies, or create your own clothes line between the posts. You are allowed to have
    clothes horse/airers on the balconies if you wish to hang clothes. Any self-made lines will be taken down without notice.


5.0 Apartment Inspections and access to Resident Rooms.

Here at UniResort we conduct room inspections once every 4 weeks so it is important to check your notice boards for entry notices.
Inspections are carried out regularly to identify potential issues and hazards and ensure that health, safety and cleanliness standards are
maintained at a high level. UniResort Residents are expected to pass inspections and adhere to the prescribed standards. Repeated failure
to pass inspections will result in charges for professional cleaners and/or a Notice to Leave being issued. You will have time to remedy your
breach but please note that all breaches will go on your tenancy record.

UniResort reserves the right to enter any room on the following basis set by the Residential Tenancy Authority:

Reason for Entry Timeframe Required:

  • General Inspection: 48 Hours
  • Repairs and Maintenance: 24 Hours
  • Urgent Repairs (determined by UniResort Management at their discretion): Without Notice
  • Resident Requested Maintenance: Without Notice
  • UniResort reasonably believes the room has been abandoned or that a resident or their guest is in breach of the agreement
    or House Rules: Without Notice
  • To Comply with the Fire and Rescue Services Act 1990: 24 Hours



A laundry has been provided for use by residents. All residents are entitled to use the laundry.

  1. Residents are required to provide their own FRONT LOADER laundry detergent/powder & any other laundry product they wish
    to use.
  2. Residents must not leave items in the washing machine or dryer after the cycle is finished.
  3. Residents are to keep the laundry area clean and tidy at all times and not to store their personal items in the laundry area.


7.0 Food

Please be respectful of other people’s food. Set the rules of your apartment early on in your stay to avoid confusion. If something particular
is of value to you, we advise you label it to avoid a difficult situation. Being a student everyone is generally on a tight budget, so if you
didn’t pay, please keep away. The stealing of food will not be tolerated and anyone breaking this rule will be given a notice to leave.


8.0 Dispute Resolution

It is quite usual for people to have differing opinions and values of life. Rather than take situations like these personally, it is best to be
understanding of the position the other person is coming from. Most disagreements can be resolved with this approach but if there are
problems that cannot be solved you may wish to consider a room move. If you find yourself in a dispute with your roommates or another
tenant at UniResort please follow the following guidelines:

  • Give each person the opportunity to explain their perspective on the matter
  • Try and discuss the situation calmly and maturely.
  • Try and work constructively to find a compromise that both parties can adhere to
  • If no resolution, please chat with UniResort staff and we will endeavour to work as a mediator to solve the issue
    satisfactorily for the parties involved.


9.0 Pets

Pets are a very big responsibility and are not to be taken lightly. UniResort does not permit our residents to having any type of pet/animal
while staying with us including fish. This is for the safety and comfort of yourself, your roommates and any animal you might want. This
environment is suitable only for people, not animals. If a pet is found in a room the resident will be asked to remove it. UniResort will carry
out a follow up inspection and may contact the RSPCA to assist with removal. Failure to comply may lead to disciplinary action, fees and
termination of the agreement.


10.0 Smoking

Smoking is not permitted indoors. It is allowed only outside and not in shared areas. Please ensure if you are smoking on your balcony you
are not disturbing any of your roommates. Cigarette butts are to be disposed of correctly and not thrown in to the gardens around
UniResort. There are Cigarette bins around the resort for you use.


11.0 Open Fire

There are to be no open flames anywhere on the UniResort premise, this includes in your apartment, balcony, common area. E.g. BBQ’s,


12.0 Maintenance

All Maintenance issues must be reported in writing to UniResort Manager via the website or emailing repairs@uniresort.com.au. Tenants
agree to bear all costs of damages or replacement costs both in the common areas and bedrooms.


13.0 Doors and Codes

Front doors to the apartments are to be closed at all times and not left jarred open for security reasons and to also to prevent unwanted
fire alarms. Apartment and Room Door codes are not to be given out to anyone other than the people who are listed as tenants of the
apartment. If residents are found to have given the code out there is a $20 charge fee to change both apartment and bedroom door codes.


14.0 Rent & Bond

Please check the details of your lease carefully before signing as it is a binding contract. If you are new to leases, please feel free to talk it
over with a friend or family member or other person trusted by you. We are happy to discuss any issues you might have and explain in
more detail. Rent can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Most tenants pay using Direct Debit. Rent is to be paid two(2) weeks in
advance at all times. If you fall behind in your Rent you will be given a Notice to Remedy breach. Residents who pay with EFTPOS in the
UniResort Reception will incur a $2 Processing Fee. Credit Cards incur a surcharge, Visa and MasterCard incur a 2.75% surcharge. We DO
NOT accept Cash Payments.

Bond is to be paid on checking in with either a Bank Cheque, or Money order. If during your stay your rent increases, so must your bond. At
the end of your Lease you will need to fill out a Rooming Accommodation Rental Bond Refund form with your bank details. The Residential
Tenancy Authority will then transfer the remaining bond balance into your bank account within 2 weeks.

Eight weeks before your lease ends you will need to contact UniResort Office to inform if you will be extending your lease or vacating on
the Lease End Date. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are moving on so please vacate your accommodation at 10am the day
your lease expires.

14.1 Breaking of the Lease

If during your lease with UniResort you need to leave before your lease ends then you are required to break your Lease. As per the
Residential Rooming Accommodation Act; “If the resident has signed on a fixed term agreement that means both the resident and the
provider/agent agreed that they would stay to a certain date, the resident must give the provider/agent (7) days’ notice on the resident
leaving form. The resident is committed to pay rent until the end date on the agreement and therefore cannot leave before the end date
without continuing to pay rent”. When signing a Fixed Term Agreement, the Resident is signing a legal contract under which it is agreed to
rent the room for a fixed term.

14.1.1 Charges

Should you wish to break your lease, UniResort will charge a Contract Break Fee equivalent to two weeks rent. The tenant must then pay
the rent until the room is re-let or until the end of the fixed term agreement (whichever is earlier). Tenants are also responble for paying
any outstanding rent, cleaning costs as per the lease, repair costs, and the cost of UniResort disposing of any goods or property left behind.


14.1.2 Finding a new tenant

UniResort staff will assist the resident with finding a new tenant, however UniResort make no guartentees about finding a replacement
tenant and encourages the resident to conduct their own search. All replacement tenants must be; Full time students (must be able to
prove their student status) and Over the age of 16. If in a bunk room, the new tenant must be the same gender and age as the other room
resident and a new tenant (for example, the replace tenant cannot be a person who already resides at UniResort or who has a booking
confirmed with UniResort for future residency).


14.2 Going on Vacation

If a resident is intending to go on holidays for more than a week then that resident must advise the office of the dates of intended
departure and when they are expecting to return. Please ensure that your rent is paid up to the date of return and that the office has your
contact details in case of emergency. Also ensure that your room and the unit is left in a clean and presentable manner. If you have
perishables in the refrigerator please ensure that you put them in the rubbish before you leave. Please turn off your bedroom and
bathroom lights and CLOSE your windows in case of rain while you are away.


15.0 Resident’s Guests

UniResort Management understands that every so often you will have visitors that you wish to stay over. Visitors/guests are permitted to
stay overnight free of charge in a residents bedroom (not on the lounge in the common area) on an occasional basis. All visitors/guests
must be registered at the office, using the Guest Registration form, prior to their arrival. Unplanned overnight visitors/guests should be
registered as soon as possible the following day. This is for fire and safety regulations.

It is also a requirement that as the resident you have informed your housemates of your visitor/guest staying overnight in the apartment.
Whilst you may have obtained the other housemates permission to have guests that does not mean that they are entirely happy with the
situation and nor does it mean that by gaining their approval does it allow ones guests to have full use of the apartment. Guests are to
vacate the premises by 10:00PM. Please note that Guests are not covered under the owners Public Liability insurance whilst attending the

Gaining Housemates permission in the first instance does not give you license to continually invite guests. At all times we would request
that the following is adhered to:

  1. Advise all house mates if you are having guests and for what period
  2. Fill out the guest registration form in reception
  3. All noise levels must be kept to a minimum
  4. All guests must be escorted on/off the property by the resident who has invited them.
  5. Visitors/guests must adhere to UniResort House Rules at all times. If a guest is caught to be breaking the rules the resident will be held

Under special circumstances, residents would be allowed to have a visitor stay for more than one night (but less than 1 week) at a charge
of $30 per night. Authorization of overnight visitors is essential and Any guests reported or found sleeping at the Rental Premises without
the permission of the Provider/Provides agent will result in the corresponding Resident incurring a penalty equivalent to one week’s rent
per week payable on demand and deducted from your bond if unpaid. THIS MAY BE CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH.

Residents must ensure their guests abide by the house rules of the premises and that they do not interfere with the reasonable peace,
comfort or privacy of other residents. Guests are prohibited from entering the rooms of residents other than their host. Residents are
responsible for the conduct of their guests including payment for any damage or breakage that may occur. Guests must park their cars off
the premises and not interfere with the resident’s use of the premises. We value the importance of keeping young children safe and
because UniResort is a shared apartment facility with majority of young adults living here, it is not suitable for children. Hence we do not
allow any person under 18 years of age to stay at UniResort.

Accommodation visitors/guests is at the sole discretion of UniResort Management.


16.0 Common Areas

16.1 Pool, Sauna, Gym

There is to be STRICTLY NO GLASS OR ALCOHOL to be taken in the Pool and BBQ area at any time.
The pool, spa, sauna and gym hours are 7am – 10pm. We ask you to respect these for the comfort of other tenants.

  • Noise curfew is enforced at 10pm
  • Glassware is strictly prohibited inside the pool enclosure.
  • Smoking in the pool area is not permitted.
  • Residents should refrain from bomb diving into the pool and creating excessive noise. Guests can only use the pool
    facility if the resident is present. All Children must be supervised by adults at all times.
  • Failing to observe pool rules will result in the issuance of a Breach Notice.
  • Follow the sauna instructions carefully. Do not place wood or other items in the hot rocks as this will cause an unpleasant smell.


16.2 Gym Rules

  • The gym is an unsupervised area. CCTV is recording 24 hours a day.
  • The gym is intended for the exclusive use of UniResort Residents.
  • Residents are responsible for their own property and must not leave any valuables unattended.
  • All residents using the gym equipment must be at least 17 years of age.
  • The gym is to be used for its designated purpose only
  • A gym towel must be used at all times to place on benches and wipe down equipment after use.
  • Exercise gear fit for purpose and enclosed shoes must be worn at all times. Thongs, sandals, bare feet are strictly prohibited.
  • In peak times or when other residents are waiting, equipment must be shared where possible.
  • Each piece of equipment must be used for its intended purpose only. Residents are prohibited from making up their own ways of
    using the equipment.
  • Using the gym while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, bringing or using alcohol or drugs in the gym is strictly prohibited.
  • Frivolous behaviour and pranks are strictly prohibited.
  • Any residents who causes damages to the equipment will be held responsible and will be required to pay for such damage.
  • UniResort has the right to prohibit any resident from using the gym if they fail to abide by the gym rules.
  • Using the equipment in the gym carries a risk of injury. DO NOT use the gym equipment if unsure of how to use it or you are
    suffering from any pre-existing injury. UniResort will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or death of anyone using the gym


16.3 BBQ & Tennis Court

The outdoor BBQ Area has been provided for the enjoyment of all residents. Residents who use the BBQ must ensure they
leave the area clean and ready for use. Please read these basic rules and abide by them when using the BBQ area:

  • NO Smoking in Pool/BBQ Area
  • Only residents over 18 years of age are permitted to consume alcohol on the premises. The excessive consumption of alcohol is
    not allowed and such intoxicated persons will be required to leave the recreational area.
  • All residents and guests must observe the noise regulations. Residents are responsible for keeping the area in a clean
    and tidy condition. All rubbish is to be placed in the bins provided.
  • NO Glass or Crockery is to be in the Pool/BBQ areas.


16.4 Carpark

One Car parking space is available to all tenants. Please register your vehicle with the UniResort Office and ensure you display a valid
UniResort car parking permit at all times when parked at UniResort. Cars without valid permits may be towed away at the cost of the
owner of the vehicle. The visitor car parking is allowed for a maximum of three hours for genuine UniResort visitors only. Please speak to
management if you have friends that wish to stay longer than the allowed three hours to arrange for temporary parking permits. Each
resident is permitted one temporary parking permit at any one time.


16.5 Study Room

UniResort provides tenants with the use of a Study Room located in the Conference Rooms. The Study Room is a quiet environment for
UniResort tenants to study. If tenants are found to be causing issues they will be banned from using the Study Room. The room is open
Monday to Wednesday 9am to 10pm, Thursday 9am to 4pm and Friday and Saturday 9am to 10pm. Tenants are also to ensure that all
rubbish is to be removed from the room once they have finished. Any damages to the Study room and surrounds will be noted to
Management and the tenant responsible will be liable to pay all costs associated.


16.6 Gate Swipe Cards

UniResort has Swipe cards for both the Pedestrian Gate and Car Gate. It is your responsibility to hand the swipe card back at the end of you
stay at UniResort. If you do not hand it back, it is damaged or you lose the card during your stay you will be charged $25 for a new swipe
card. There is one swipe card per tenant. Swipe cards must not be left unattended or shared between other residents or non-residents.


17.0 Staff

UniResort management are here to assist with your everyday issues and make sure you have a great experience at UniResort. If you require
anything please approach one of our friendly staff. If you require something to be fixed or cleaned, please come to or call the Office and
they will assist you with your requirement.


18.0 Security

Security is a very important aspect to living at UniResort. We have onsite security that regularly patrols the complex. If you have a problem
at any time please call 3457 5588.

If asked to do something from security, please abide by these instructions otherwise you may receive a breach notice. They do have the
right to remove people from the UniResort premise. Please note you are responsible for your guests and they must also obey with the
instructions given. UniResort also has extensive CCTV cameras throughout the complex. The camera’s cover all the common areas and car
park and work to keep our incidences very low.

19.0 Parties

UniResort is such a fun place to live; our residents invite guests over to enjoy our facilities quite regularly.To ensure the safety of our
residents and to protect our facilities from damage, we ask that no more than 3 non UR guests per apartment at any time & no parties are
to be advertised on Facebook or any other social networking site. ALL Noise must be turned off at 10pm. THERE IS A STRICT NO GLASS


20.0 Noise

As the majority of our residents are students and their semester dates are all different according to different institutions, we ask that you
be respectful of your neighbours at all times. Noise is defined as any sound that can be heard outside the immediate area where the
person is present, eg. Bedroom, Common Area or any outdoor area. Please remember that noise travels further from balconies and
courtyards. Excessive noise is noise that interferes with another residents’ ability to sleep, study or otherwise quietly enjoy their living

The cut off time for all noise in outdoor/indoor areas is 10.00pm every night. However, if the onsite caretaker/security considers the noise
to be at an unacceptable level, residents will be required to shut down all offending noise as requested. Residents must ensure that their
guests comply with these noise regulations and instructions from the onsite caretaker/security at all times. All students are requested to be
aware that when playing music in their rooms that noise frequency travels through the walls and therefore one must be aware. If you enjoy
loud music then you should use headphones. Failing of residents or guests to comply with the first verbal request will result in a written
notice of breach being issued to the resident and the closing down of the social gathering.

Just as you appreciate quiet during your stressful study times, please be mindful of your roommates and other residents. As above, please
keep noise down after 10pm as it is your fellow residents that you are disturbing.


21.0 Fire Alarms and Safety

Fires and smoke can start very easily when cooking. The UniResort fire alarm system is directly linked with the local fire department, so in
the case of an emergency they get here very quickly. When cooking, make sure you stay in the kitchen at all times. Food will smoke and
catch fire if left unattended and the call out fee of $1000 for the Fire & Rescue service will be payable by you. Residents are not to tamper
with the Fire Safety Equipment at any time. Should you be caught tampering with any of the Fire Safety Equipment it is CONSIDERED A
SERIOUS BREACH If the emergency alarm sounds, Residents must evacuate the complex immediately and proceed to the designated
assembly area. Residents must not attempt to re-enter the property until given permission to do so. Candles, incense, any type of coil
devices bbq’s and open flames are not allowed anywhere in or around UniResort.


22.0 Damage to property and Breaking and Entering

If you cause any damage to any property in your room or anywhere else on the property you will need to pay for the cost of repairs. It is
best to advise management immediately to avoid any further damage and greater expense. It is unwise not to report damage, given the
extensive CCTV coverage, and unreported damage is considered a breach. If you are caught Breaking and Entering in to any apartments of
UniResort you will be asked to leave UniResort immediately.


23.0 Weapons, Drugs and Use and Abuse of Alcohol

Weapons, Drugs and all illegal activity and goods are strictly prohibited on the UniResort grounds. The possession of weapons or firearms
by a resident or guest is strictly prohibited. Firearms and weapons of any sort (including imitations and items that could be used as a
weapon) must not be brought into UniResort, left in your vehicle, taken into any of the rooms or be about your person while in the
UniResort grounds. This is a condition of entry into UniResort. The Police will be notified if you unlawfully possess, display or discharge a
weapon whilst on UniResort property and this may affect your study visa and/or can lead to imprisonment. You will also be removed from
UniResort permanently.

The list includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Knives.
  • Firearms (Real or replica firearms), Water pistols, Shotguns, hand guns, Rifles, Automatic or Semi-Automatic firearms, BB guns, pellet guns, cap guns, air‐soft weapons or paintball guns, Nerf Guns, Sling shots.
  • Ammunition.
  • Metal Swords, Daggers, sword canes, switchblades, balisong (butterfly) knives, axes and hatches.
  • Dangerous sprays, Pepper spray, mace, capsicum spray and spray paint, Pyrotechnics, flash powder, itching powder.
  • Any device used for the restraining of a person (such as handcuffs).
  • Tazers, Laser pointers, Laser-aiming devices, or similar devices.
  • Explosives.
  • Rocket launchers.
  • Pole arms, clubs, metal bats and paddles.
  • Bows, crossbows, arrows.
  • Live martial arts weaponry and swords.
  • Brass knuckles.
  • Military weaponry and medieval metal weaponry.
  • Projectile weaponry.
  • Toy or real working weapons that are loaded, or in usable condition.
  • Anything ordinarily described as a weapon that, if used in the way for which it was designed, is capable of being aimed at a target and causing death or injury by discharging a projectile or a corrosive, noxious or irritant chemical, gas, liquid, powder or other substance.
  • And/or any other device that is designed or has been modified to harm or kill animals and/or humans and/or damage property.

Possession, cultivation, usage or selling of illegal drugs and or possession of any equipment to aid the use of illegal drugs or substances is prohibited at UniResort. Any Resident or guest found to be in possession of, in the presence of or using illegal substances will face disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination of the Residents Agreement and being reported to the authorities.

UniResort Management does not permit the excessive consumption of alcohol on the premises. Abusive or illegal behaviour arising from the consumption of alcohol is unacceptable and will not be tolerated as an excuse for the behaviour of residents or their guests. Excessive use of alcohol or disruptive behaviour arising from its consumption may result in an immediate termination of your lease agreement. Only residents 18 years or older may consume alcohol on the premises.


24.0 Ambulance cover

An ambulance may be called on your behalf in the case of a medical emergency. If there is any cost, this will be at the Residents expense.


25.0 Insurance

Management cannot insure property that belongs to another person and will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by your
property whilst you are a resident. We encourage all residents to make their own arrangements for contents insurance to avoid possible

Residents are strongly advised to lock all doors when sleeping or leaving the premises. An unlocked or open door is an invitation to anyone
to enter and help themselves to your belongings. Do not allow yourself to be caught out. Any suspicious behaviour should be reported
immediately to management.


26.0 Pest Control

Residents are expected to maintain good housekeeping in their room and shared areas and ensure appropriate measures are taken to
prevent infestations. If an infestation has been found to be caused by a resident, the resident will be charged for the cost incurred to
eradicate the infestation.


27.0 Garbage Disposal

Residents must ensure all garbage from rooms and share apartments is empties regularly. Residents must not place any garbage outside the apartment, next to or on top of bins. Residents must not throw garbage or any items from windows, baloconies, or terraces.


28.0 Electrical equipment and safety

For safe and efficient operations of UniResort, Residents must abide by the following:

  • When not in the room, air conditioner must be switched off.
  • All electrical items must be switched off when not in use
  • Cooking must only be done in the kitchen. (except in the studio rooms)
  • Any faulty electrical equipment should be immediately reported to UniResort staff.


29.0 Social Media

Use of social media is accepted, however residents must be aware of the impact on other residents, uniresort and contractors. The
following uses for social media are prohibited while living at UniResort:

  • Making comments or posting material that might be considered racial, defamatory, bullying, threatening, or harassing.
  • Use or disclosure of any confidential information about Uniresort.
  • Sharing specific person information regarding Uniresort staff on any social media platforms.
  • Making any comment or posting material that might cause damage to the Uniresort brand and reputation.

The posted material may be removed from social media and disciplinary actions apply for non-compliance. THIS IS CONSIDERED A SERIOUS



You are responsible for cleaning your room and apartment. Please ensure that upon the monthly inspection or at your lease end when you
move out, the room stays in the same condition as it was upon your arrival; fair wear and tear excepted. If cleaning is reuired the cost will
depend on the area to be cleaned eg. Twin room, studio, bathroom, kitchen and the level of cleaning required. If any items or areas were
damaged during your stay you will be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing them. Damages and cleaning charges in communal
areas will be divided equally among all occupants.

If the charges are applied on check out, the cost or partial cost will be deducted from your bond. The costs below are a guide only. Cost
may change dependent on the severity of the damage or item being replaced. UniResort will only pass on the actual cost of replacement or
repairs to you.

Repairs and/or replacement – communal areas and kitchen

  • Sofa Module (each) $500
  • Oven $750
  • Washing Machine $1000
  • Microwave $250
  • Stove Top $750
  • Dryer $700
  • Fridge/Freezer $1500
  • Rangehood $1000
  • Vacuum Cleaner $400
  • Dishwasher $1000


Repairs and/or replacement – bedroom/bathroom

  • King Single Bed Base $500
  • Queen Mattress $450
  • Toilet Roll Holder $50
  • King Single Mattress $350
  • Mattress Protector $50
  • Towel Rack $100
  • Double Bed Base $600
  • Linen (if applicable) $100
  • Shower Screen $1000
  • Double Mattress $400
  • Desk $750
  • Blocked Toilet/Drains $150
  • Queen Bed Base $700
  • Book Shelf $250

Repairs – other The cost of repairing other items, e.g walls, doors, flooring etc will be dependent on the extent of damage and contractors required to fix the damage.


Disposal of items left behind

  • Up to $20 per bag
  • Bedroom Clean $50 per hour
  • and/or $35 per item i.e chest of drawers
  • Communal area clean $250 first hour, $50 per hour after

Room Move and Key Replacement Costs

  • Room Move admin fee $150
  • Gate Swipe Card $25
  • Lockout Charge complex or room $25
  • Letterbox key $30


Smoking is not allowed in any rooms or apartments at UniResort. If you are found smoking you will be charged a cleaning fee of up to $250.

Fire alarm fees

If you are responsible for setting off the fire alarm in your room/apartment the charge will be passed on to you. The fire brigade charge a
fee per truck for the time spent on site. The exact cost will be confirmed when he invoice is issued by the fire brigade. This fee is generally
around $1000

Note: All costs are in Australia dollars. Costs are inclusive of GST. Costs are a guide only and are subject to change at the Managers
discretion depending on the severity of damage and the contractors costing.


UniResort Reception opening hours are subject to change without notice, however our general opening hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm
  • Friday 7am to 3pm
  • Saturday 11am to 3pm

If you have any problems outside of these hours please contact our office number on 07 3457 5588. We have a caretaker who is on site
24/7 for major issues for example; noise complaints, fridges not working etc.

The great range of facilities offered at UniResort make it a great place to live, but we need the help of our residents to maintain the high
standard of the rooms and apartments. The following are helpful tips to keep your space clean and avoid receiving a lease breach.
Please note: As per your lease, UniResort management reserves the right to inspect common areas at any time. This is to ensure the standards of cleanliness are maintained.

We will breach any apartment not found to be of a clean state. If this breach is not remedied we will organise cleaners at a charge of $250 for the first hour and $50 p/hour after.For your Bedroom, UniResort Management will inspect once a month to ensure you are keeping your bedroom at a standard level of cleanliness. An Entry Notice will be placed in the Common Area 48 hours prior to UniResort Management entering your room. Please keep an eye out for the Notice.

Bedroom & Bathroom: Please air your bedroom and bathroom regularly, leaving the door or windows open so fresh air can circulate. Dust,
sweep and mop your bedroom and bathroom. Clean and replace your sheets at least once every two weeks (one week in summer). Do not
leave wet items in your wardrobe or room as this can cause mould. Turning over your mattress every 6 months and airing your doona will
fight bacteria and prevent odours. Clean with bathroom cleaner on the tiled area and glass cleaner on the mirror and shower screen.
Mould will grow in damp and warm conditions so ensure that towels are hung up and wet clothes aren’t left on the floor.

Common Area: The shared lounge/dining space in each apartment is a common area and it is expected that all residents leave this area in
the neat and tidy state which they found it. As UniResort offers shared accommodation it is expected that ALL residents remain responsible
for maintaining the cleanliness of apartment common areas for the peace and comfort of fellow housemates.

Residents are expected to be mindful of noise levels so as not to interfere with the peace and comfort of other residents. UniResort is not
responsible for the way residents manage their common areas however, regular inspections are carried out in all apartments to ensure
cleanliness and maintenance of these spaces. It is encouraged for all residents to maintain regular communication with their housemates
regarding house rules and concerns.

Kitchen: Because you share a kitchen with other people, it is important to respect each other and your shared space. So please:

  • Remove rubbish from the apartments daily
  • Clean up after every meal
  • Throw away all food that is spoiled/rotten or is past it’s used by date. When it comes time for you to check out, please remove all food from the fridge and cupboards that is yours.
  • Don’t eat food that isn’t yours
  • Let your roommates know if you’re having guests over
  • When cooking, you must stay with your food. Fire does occur when food is left unattended.


  • Please rinse all dishes prior to placing in the dishwasher. If this is not done the water pipes may require cleaning at your expense.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher for days as mould and bacteria will start to grow.
  • To conserve water please only run the dishwasher when it is full. To save power use the lower temperature settings and hand
    wash pots and pans.

Stove Top, Oven & Microwave

  • Remember to wipe down the stove top, oven & microwave after every use. Every few months, thoroughly clean the oven &
  • Please only use pots and pans directly on the cook top. Heating coals or other items on the hot plates will damage the cook tops
    and you will be charged for these damages.


  • Ensure the fridge is regularly emptied of old food and wiped clean.
  • The recommended fridge setting is +4. The recommended freezer setting is -18
  • Please ensure that the vents in the freezer are free of obstructions to allow the vents to air freely. Do not over stock and remove groceries from plastic shopping bags.



Remove all lint from the dryer before and after each use and put it in the bin.
Washing Machine

  • Use FRONT LOADER washing powder only. Place it in the far left compartment.
  • Please keep laundry doors OPEN when washing machine/dryer is in operation.
  • Check and empty all pockets before placing clothes in the washing machine.
  • As it is a front loader, once you press the start button the doors will lock and you will not be able to open them. After the cycle is completed the doors will take a few minutes to unlock. If you have waiting a considerable amount of time and the doors are not unlocking please see Reception. DO NOT try and force the door to unlock. If you do this, the door will break and you will be charged for the replacement of the parts or a new washing machine if it cannot be fixed.

Lounge: Taking time to sweep and mop your lounge regularly will keep it free from germs and bacteria. If you stain the lounge, please ask
at reception for the right advice to remove the stains.

Outdoor: The outdoor area is the most prone to being effected by dirt and the elements. Please take the time to sweep and mop this area
regularly. Please ensure that the only furniture left outside is the outdoor furniture. The kitchen seats and lounge are not suitable to be left

Air conditioning: When the air conditioning system is turned ON all doors, windows and blinds must be closed. If no one is home – turn the
air conditioning system OFF. This will also ensure that the system is not working overtime.

Cleaning Tips: Provided in the unit is a Broom, dust pan/brush, mop and bucket (if your apartment is lacking these things, please let the
Office staff know). Vacuum cleaners are available to borrow from the Office. Provided in your weekly rent is a fortnightly Common Area
Clean. The cleaners will come in once a fortnight to vacuum, mop, and wipe over the benches. They are not there to remove rubbish, do
your dishes or clean up after you have had a ‘party’. If they find any of the above mess then you will be given a breach notice as a whole
apartment. Each tenant is responsible for cleaning their own dishes, pots and pans etc. The oven and fridge are two major appliances that
need to be cared for regularly. Ensuring your fridge and oven are operating properly is important for storing and preparing your food,
reducing your carbon footprint and the longevity of the appliance. Please take your Rubbish to the big green bins which are at the bottom
of F Block in the Car Park.

Mould: If you have mould starting to grow please clean it straight away. The best way to treat mould is prevention, so follow these nifty
tips to fight back against mould:

  • Empty your rubbish bin frequently
  • Use bath mats in the bathroom
  • Hang towels straight to dry
  • Air your room and apartment regularly
  • Make sure your shoes are dry before putting away
  • Wipe down shower surfaces regularly

Internet: UniResort has Wi-Fi in all apartments and around the pool area. Each apartment, in one of the bedrooms, you will find a router
device. This device is not to be turned off or unplugged as this will cause your housemates to lose the Wi-Fi signal. If you have any issues
with the Internet, please call the Time Out Support line on 1300 88 00 64.

Apartment security: For the safety of your house mates and apartment belongings ALL doors and windows must be locked before you
vacate your apartment. Do not give out UniResort door codes to anyone. You could be held responsible for any damages resulting from you
sharing door codes with others. Each bedroom door code is changed before a new tenant moves in. If you give this code out to someone
and then require for the code to be change there is a $25 fee.

Smoking: All rooms at UniResort are NON SMOKING. You are allowed to smoke on your balcony. If you are caught smoking in your room
you will be given a breach notice. If you continue to smoke in the room then you will be asked to leave UniResort.
Please do not drop cigarette butts on the ground or in the gardens as this can cause a hazard. Littering is a legal offence and you could be

Fire Alarm: Each apartment has a general home fire alarm in the hallway and outside of the front door there is an alarm that is connected
to the Mount Gravatt Fire Department. If the fire alarms go off and the fire department attends, then the person responsible will be
charged $1000.00 from the fire department. Make sure that while you are cooking anything that you are watching closely so you do not
burn your food.

  • Never leave any kitchen appliance, laundry heating equipment or heating devices such as hair heating irons, electric heaters or
    irons unattended.
  • Do not tamper with any fire alarm. Fines and penalties apply.
  • In the event of a fire or emergency, alarms will sound in each apartment. All residents are required to evacuate promptly in an
    event where the fire alarm sounds and meet outside the front of the complex.

Mail: Each apartment is supplied with a key to the apartment’s letter box. Letter boxes are located at the front of the complex next to the
driveway entrance. Packages will need to be collected by the person they are addressed to. UniResort Staff will NOT sign for or take
possession of any packages.

Parking: Secure parking at UniResort is for residents who have registered their car with reception. Any unregistered car may be towed.
Parking at UniResort is at your own risk and UniResort does not accept responsibility for loss or damages occurring in the car park areas. All
car parking areas have a speed limit of 5km/hour and any resident breaking road rules within the complex can be fined. Car parking spaces
are not designated to individual residents.

Thank You

We hope that you enjoy your time at UniResort. These House Rules ensure that every resident at UniResort has a fun, safe and memorable experience and we thank you in advance for working with us to create this great accommodation complex.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With thanks,

UniResort Management and Staff

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